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AppGameKit Studio Chat
General product chat about AppGameKit Studio
670 Topics
4,199 Posts
AppGameKit Classic Chat
General product chat about AppGameKit Classic
9,877 Topics
100,977 Posts
Newcomers AppGameKit Corner
New to AppGameKit? Fear not for there are people on-hand to help you out in here.
1,442 Topics
8,203 Posts
AppGameKit/AppGameKit Studio Showcase
Made something in AppGameKit or AppGameKit Studio ? Show it off here!
1,309 Topics
18,202 Posts
19th Feb 2020 14:12 in
FFT for streams/MOD...
by Bored of the Rings
AppGameKit topics relating to Windows
256 Topics
975 Posts
18th Feb 2020 07:04 in
Windows 10 DirectX 11 Cannot Initia...
by Raven
AppGameKit topics relating to the Android platform
627 Topics
3,534 Posts
iOS and MacOS
AppGameKit topics relating to iPhone, iPad, other iOS devices and MacOS
380 Topics
2,216 Posts
10th Jan 2020 11:15 in
ITMS-90809: Deprecated API Usage...
by Mendo
Raspberry Pi
AppGameKit topics relating to Raspberry Pi
106 Topics
424 Posts
8th Feb 2020 07:48 in
Compile HTML5 target from AGKPi...
by tboy

Game Making

3 Dimensional Chat
For everything about creating, modifying and using 3D models in your own games this is the forum to read.
10,570 Topics
119,405 Posts
10th Feb 2020 20:52 in
May I Rant about my 3d software fru...
by Raven
2D All the way!
You cannot ignore 2D, but it's all too easy to get stuck with it. This forum is for discussion about any 2D aspect of game creation (sprites, pixelling, platformers, etc)
2,911 Topics
20,090 Posts
Music & Sound FX
For all aspects of Music and Sound Effects in and for games, talk about it here.
916 Topics
5,907 Posts


Geek Culture
This high volume board is for all geek / tech culture related threads not specific to game making. If it's off-topic but adheres to our AUP, it goes in here.
26,018 Topics
640,311 Posts
19th Feb 2020 14:09 in
Who's still here?...
by TheComet
Work in Progress
If you've not quite finished your latest blockbuster, but still want people to comment on it then here is where you shout it out.
4,075 Topics
129,588 Posts
This is the place for NaGaCreMo related topics and a place where you can post any WIP threads
38 Topics
593 Posts
5th Jan 2018 15:02 in
Is this board still needed?...

DarkBasic Products

DarkBASIC Professional Discussion
For everything DarkBASIC Professional, post and read about it here.
40,950 Topics
373,384 Posts
DarkBASIC Discussion
This is for all things relating to DarkBASIC Classic.
9,088 Topics
81,021 Posts
17th Sep 2019 06:40 in
Found Magic Windows...
by Latch
Dark Physics & Dark A.I. & Dark Dynamix
This board is for all Dark Physics, NVIDIA PhysX, Dark A.I. and Dark Dynamix discussion
1,970 Topics
12,506 Posts
Dark GDK
For everything to do with the Dark GDK
9,006 Topics
62,706 Posts
For everything to do with the Dark GDK .NET
393 Topics
1,892 Posts
17th Feb 2017 09:33 in
Embedded in a form?...
by Morcilla
For everything to do with the PureGDK
140 Topics
989 Posts
Newcomers DBPro Corner
New to DarkBASIC Professional programming? Fear not for there are people on-hand to help you out in here.
16,304 Topics
102,922 Posts
23rd Oct 2019 13:40 in
Array operations not fast enough...
Code Snippets
This is the famous Code Snippets board! Post your code here for others to benefit from.
2,689 Topics
18,068 Posts
3rd Jul 2019 15:23 in
[AGK] simple flash cards ...
by Phaelax
The 20 Line Challenge
So you think you can code? Prove it! Write the best program you can in 20 lines of code or less. Read the rules post inside for info.
865 Topics
8,138 Posts
DLL Talk
Anything relating to DLLs such as BLUE, Nuclear Glory, Terrain, etc.
1,932 Topics
13,551 Posts
Program Announcements
Written something of quality in DarkBASIC or DarkBASIC Professional? Then post about it here! Please try and include download locations and screen shots if possible.
2,178 Topics
43,968 Posts

FPS Creator Classic

FPSC Classic Product Chat
For all aspects of FPS Creator that don't fit into the other FPSC boards
19,795 Topics
240,231 Posts
30th Jan 2020 04:28 in
FPSC Media Websites Still Up...
by Pvt.Dan
FPSC Classic Scripts
Talk about any aspect of FPSC script coding and post your own scripts here
7,595 Topics
56,324 Posts
22nd Jan 2020 22:16 in
Realistic War game?...
by Homegamesindie
FPSC Classic Models and Media
Created a great model or have a media related question? This is the board to post it in
15,732 Topics
235,194 Posts
18th Jan 2020 01:15 in
cosmic real life diner....
by xplosys
FPSC Classic Work In Progress
Post your screen shots, maps, web sites and other cool FPSC related things here
3,272 Topics
102,937 Posts
FPSC Classic Showcase
Have a finished FPSC Game or Demo? Show it off here.
231 Topics
6,663 Posts
FPS Creator X10
For FPS Creator X10 specific chat
2,768 Topics
27,416 Posts
27th Dec 2019 11:43 in
FPSC X10 serial....
by ScooT9

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