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Program Announcements / Ball-Racer

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Joined: 8th May 2003
Location: Germany
Posted: 8th May 2003 17:35
hi @all.
ballracer is a smal racing game. it is a very early version but it is not so easy to win the race.

here the download:

...:::ballracer:::... 5.77Mb
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Joined: 3rd Nov 2002
Location: Naytonia
Posted: 8th May 2003 19:09
Hey, tried it out but for some reason the stage had no textures on so i kinda found it hard to keep up with the other balls anyways it handled pretty well and everything else was great, the map on screen, the opponent movement etc. Since it's so early in developement i'll wait till you've finnished before i give you my final opinion.

everyday of life is a new chapter that has already been fortold but is up to the soul to capture.
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Joined: 30th Aug 2002
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 8th May 2003 22:39
Not bad except I had same problem as hexgear, i.e. no textures, everything black, so could not work out where to go. Hopefully an easy fix.

Gronda, Gronda
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Joined: 15th Oct 2002
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 9th May 2003 15:15
i didnt have textures either. everything was transparent. i tried to follow the other balls but i got stuck on something

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