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Newcomers DBPro Corner / Screenshots.... HOW!!!

John H
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Joined: 14th Oct 2002
Location: Burlington, VT
Posted: 19th Oct 2002 01:20
OK- I have takin my screenshot using the F9 key in DarkBASIC. Now how do I post it here!!! Say if my screenshot is at:

C:\Program Files\Dark Basic Software\Dark Basic\snapshot18.bmp

How would I get that to appear here? Would I have to convert it to an image file? I DUNNO! Someone PLEASE HELP!!!
Final Fantasy, best series ever made.
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Joined: 13th Oct 2002
Location: Land of the Rising Haggis
Posted: 19th Oct 2002 02:05
I think you need to upload it to a site and give it's link, we can't grab your image locally.

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