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FPS Creator X10 / Vista Is it worth it?

Robert F
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Posted: 27th Sep 2007 03:31 Edited at: 27th Sep 2007 03:32
i have vista with just the minumim specs and its not that slow, but not that fast either, its not buggy either, i think all that stuff is a fake. I have not had any errors or bugs with it yet. Well their is a couple with Fpsc but i can just fix them by messing with it until it works

X Games
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Joined: 8th May 2007
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Posted: 27th Sep 2007 04:19
I use vista and I have no problems with anything relay, its just a case of problem solving and I think its more a case of ppl are used to XP. With vista's case its more security oriented and relay you just need to run as administration or compatibility mode. Time to move on!

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Joined: 27th Oct 2005
Posted: 27th Sep 2007 10:35 Edited at: 27th Sep 2007 10:37
Back in february when I got Vista I didn't care much for it, but that was then and this is now. Driver support has come a long way since then and I'm finally using Vista full time.

I now prefer it over XP in just about every way, it boots up faster, I swear applications load faster, thumbnail icons display faster. And that search feature just rocks.

I will say that I'm NOT using the Aero interface, the Vista Basic interface is MUCH snappier and faster, Aero just feels slow and sloppy. Maybe a few video card generations from now Aero will be faster, but for now I'm sticking with the Vista Basic interface with a nice custom skin (I hated that ugly baby-blue window border).

"Your mom goes to college."
Jon Fletcher
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Joined: 7th May 2005
Location: Taunton, UK
Posted: 27th Sep 2007 13:14
Quote: "Vista is a resource eater"

You do realise that it uses those 'resources' beneficially.

Half the complaints about vista are simple user mistakes. I remember reading alot before installing it about the amount of complaints to do with the security popups, it made me think it was a major scar in the OS. Within five minutes of installing it i just simply clicked a box to disable it and thought, wow, some people must either be really stupid or just simply lazy.

Nothing is wrong with vista. period.

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