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FPS Creator X10 / [LOCKED] FPSX10 on XP using DX9L

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Joined: 26th Mar 2007
Location: Brighton, UK
Posted: 8th Sep 2007 12:31
Will FPSX10 work on DirectX9L (this version will have some basic dx10 features)

It would be really good to make it run on XP as it will expand your customer base

I don't know 2 much about DX9L but i know DX10 only games will work on it

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Joined: 10th Aug 2005
Location: England
Posted: 8th Sep 2007 12:51
Ok, I'm goin' to be really simple and say....

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Joined: 9th Dec 2005
Posted: 8th Sep 2007 14:25
Like O.F. said, NO.

Plus if I remember right the DX9L is for the VISTA, and is supposed to allow playing some DX9 games with DX10 hardware, or on Vista in overall. DX10 on XP will not happen.
Squelchy Tom
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Joined: 25th Aug 2006
Posted: 9th Sep 2007 18:57
no and i wish people would just face that x10 is vista only
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Joined: 16th Jul 2006
Location: The Realm of Darkness
Posted: 10th Sep 2007 03:08
For the last time! IT ONLY WORKS ON VISTA!!!

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Joined: 27th Apr 2007
Posted: 10th Sep 2007 03:10
Ok people but please take the time to at least tell them that some of the features will be back ported to the X9 version.

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Joined: 16th Jun 2007
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Posted: 10th Sep 2007 03:23

Not sure how far this will get, but it's an interesting concept.

And I don't even own FPSC, just looking forward to DBPROx10

have fun.
Aaron Miller
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Joined: 25th Feb 2006
Playing: osu!
Posted: 10th Sep 2007 04:00
Quick question... I have Vista but no X10 card. X10 still works using the reference device, will DBPX10 (And hence FPSCX10) rely on the reference device if creating a hardware device fails? It's not like it's hard to do...



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Joined: 13th Apr 2007
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
Posted: 10th Sep 2007 11:35
The problem is that DX10 is fundamentally different from all previous versions of DirectX.

DX10 is not natively compatable with any earlier versions, there is however a software emulation that allows games made with previous versions to run on DX10 machines.

This is the first version of DirectX that has dropped backwards compatibility as a feature. This has more to do with how Vista is designed at a fundamental level than anything else, in short MS does not want to support two fundamentally different architectures for the forseeable future.

For DBPro this means that they are either going to get stuck supporting two versions or like MS just create a new product and say: "This one is DX10 and this one is DX9, (btw support for dx9 will be dropped on such and such day".

Ive got no idea how they will do it, they could just merge all the DX10 stuff into DBPro and say "Have at it" but I suspect they will be flooded with bug reports from DX9 folks trying to do DX10 stuff on DX9 machines. Confusion.

So, any DX10 game will only work on DX10 hardware and Vista, anything that takes advantage of DX10 features will only be able to run on DX10 hardware/software. DX9 and lower software does run on DX10 hardware/software but does so via a software emulation layer.


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Joined: 27th Apr 2000
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Posted: 10th Sep 2007 12:10
Gooney has it spot on!

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