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The 20 Line Challenge / [LOCKED] Reaction Timer... 6 lines! BOO YAH!

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Joined: 3rd Apr 2007
Posted: 23rd Sep 2007 22:40
cls:ink rgb(244,214,210),0:set cursor 230,0:print "Reaction Time":print:print "Keep your hand on the return key!"
print "When the word "now" appears, press the return key to stop the timer.":print:input "Press return to start";A$:CLS
ink rgb(255,0,0),1:left=(275):top=(250):ellipsewidth=(200):ellipseheight=(200):ellipse left,top,ellipsewidth,ellipseheight
ink rgb(255,255,255),1:print "On your mark...":sleep rnd(3000):print "Get set....":sleep rnd(3000):ink rgb(0,255,0),1:print "NOW!"
ink rgb(0,255,0),1:ellipsewidth=(200):ellipseheight=(200):ellipse left,top,ellipsewidth,ellipseheight:a=timer():suspend for key
b=timer():c=b-a:print c/1000.000;"seconds":ink rgb(255,255,255),1:print "TRY AGAIN?":suspend for key:goto 1


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Years of Service
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Joined: 20th Mar 2007
Location: Worcester, England
Posted: 24th Sep 2007 23:14
Hem. Double topic post. No one else post in ths thread, please.
By the way, BOO YAH is considered highly illegal in DB circles...

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