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FPS Creator X10 / 3dsmax and Terrain Segments with water

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Joined: 4th Feb 2007
Posted: 25th Oct 2007 04:20

I was thinking of using some of the Terrain segments advertised with FPSMAGIC for FPSCX10 but i have heard that the ones for FPSC did not allow the NPC's to walk across them properly, im not sure if this is true...?

I also need to know if i can make my own terrain segments in 3dsmax and import into FPSCX10 (with NPC'S and PLAYER acting accordingly when they walk over it)

If so what are the restrictions and guidelines for this (EG Segment Size??)


How does the water in X10 react with custom terrain bumps.. Is it bitty and TORN and shore points or does it rest it should???

I know its a lot at once...But i realy would appreciate any help...Thanks a lot guys


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