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FPS Creator X10 / DX10 Graphics Cards for Laptops?

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Joined: 28th Jun 2005
Location: Seattle, Wa
Posted: 2nd Nov 2007 01:24
Hey guys, as soon as my next paycheck arrives within the next two weeks, I am going to be purchasing a laptop. The only reason a haven't settled on which one to buy yet, is the fact that I am unsure about the quality of DX10 graphics cards for laptops (if inded some exist). Does anybody know anything about this, as I am utterly cluelsess.

Obviously the release of FPS Creator X10 has made me really rethink what laptop I buy, as I will definitely be pre-ordering it ASAP. And with a bugdet of a little over $1600, I want to be sure I can get something that supports it's awesomeness.

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Joined: 31st Mar 2005
Posted: 2nd Nov 2007 03:52
for almost exactly $1600, you can have dell build you a custom Dell XPS M1330 laptop, with the reccomended requirements for FPSC x10. But, I cant remember what the graphics card is...
Its deffinately x10 compatible, but I cant remeber what it is, it's below an 8800...

If you go on build your own, you can choose all the parts you want, to get all the reccomended specs for x10 (not sure about graphics, though it;s deffinately x10 compatible) for around $1600

Hope that helps! =D


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Posted: 2nd Nov 2007 07:08 Edited at: 2nd Nov 2007 07:21
The NVIDIA Mobile 8 Series include ..


They come in GT models, mostly.
I don't think that any of these have been testing with FPSC X10.
Unless you really need the laptop, I don't think it is the better choice.
I would opt for the desktop with the 8800 if you want to get started with all of FPSC X10's effects right away.
Then, you could get a laptop on your next upgrade, because by then the laptops will have better cards.
Bottom line is that anything less than an 8800 won't run as good if all of the effects are on.
If you are stuck on a laptop, then the 8700m GT would be the better choice.

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Will Dee
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Joined: 2nd Nov 2007
Posted: 2nd Nov 2007 07:45
FWIW, the 8700M GT with 512MB on the Toshiba Satellite X200 performs really well on WoW, etc. Or well enough for my needs, anyway.

The PCWorld review and worldbench 6 stats place it behind the Dell XPS M1730, but it's slightly cheaper and has HDDVD to make up for the lack of a second graphics card.

I've just preordered FPSCX10 and am waiting somewhat impatiently for it to be released, at which point I'll update with real-world experiences with the package.

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