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FPS Creator X10 / X10 Installation error

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Joined: 12th May 2007
Posted: 3rd Nov 2007 22:15
I have just downloaded the FPSCx10 Demo off of the Nvidea Web page
I then opend the zip file and clicked on the application.

It got thought the first stage of unzipping the file, but then i was hit with these three errors.

Here are my computer Specs:
-Quad Core 6600 Intel Processor
-NVIDEA 8800 756ram Overclocked Graphics Card
-2 Gigs of RAM
-The Latest Version of DirectX10
-400 Gig Hard Drive

In addition to that information my computer came factory maid from gateway, all i have updated the was the 8500GT to the 8800 Over clocked graphics Card, the installation was easy and came with little to no problems.

It also lists within those errors that i need the latest version of "directX9", i am curious to know whether i should install this, but i don't no if it would corrupt my drive or directX10 software.

If there is any explanation to those errors i would gladly appreciate it.

Cheers Mates
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Joined: 12th May 2007
Posted: 3rd Nov 2007 22:19
O yes and by the way i have

Vista 32 BIT Home addition.
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Joined: 22nd Apr 2006
Location: Kingston, ON
Posted: 4th Nov 2007 02:03
The demo is very old. You will need to install Direct X 9 from the microsoft website (free) to use the demo.

YOu might as well wait a couple of weeks (or a month) I don't know how long and let them release an up-to-date demo when the full version comes out.

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Joined: 12th May 2007
Posted: 4th Nov 2007 03:12
Well i may consider installing direct x 9.0c on my computer but you have to keep in mind that i do have DirectX10 installed on my pc already.
--By installing DirectX9 i may corrupt the Directx10 software, but im not really sure.--

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Joined: 17th Dec 2005
Location: Sewers of Sydney
Posted: 4th Nov 2007 04:41
Installing directX 9 will not do anything to DX10 or your hardware.

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Joined: 10th Oct 2004
Posted: 5th Nov 2007 14:55
dx9 and 10 and totally seperate

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Joined: 27th Dec 2003
Posted: 13th Dec 2007 18:24
Ok so I dont know exactly where I should put this post?

is anyone having a problem building the game?

X10 crashes everytime I try to build the exe and sometimes when I run the test build?? I can never build what I am making. this is very frustrating.

machine specs:
Vista Ultima
quad core processor 2.5
8800 gts 750mgs ram video card
2 gigs ram
1.5 TB drive space

has anyone elce encountered this problem and how did you fix it?

any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

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