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FPS Creator X10 / DirectX 10 Backwards Compatibility !

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Joined: 12th May 2007
Posted: 10th Nov 2007 04:13
Well i had originally bin getting many errors with my vistaDx10 computer pc. It baffled me, until finally figuring out that directx10 is not completely directX9 compatible.

I advise you if you own a directx10 pc with DX10 installed on it, to install the latest version of directX9.0c on top of DX10, it will not effect your DX10 software but will update any missing DX9 files.

This will help if your getting any DX errors with the FPSC DX10 technology demo.

Cheers Mates
[just thought that any new user to DX10 should know this, it may save you a lot of hassle]
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Joined: 15th Apr 2007
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Posted: 10th Nov 2007 14:42
i didn't know you could do that thanks

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