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The 20 Line Challenge / DBC(DBPro?) Turn your computer into a Dalek...

Robert The Robot
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Joined: 8th Jan 2007
Location: Fireball XL5
Posted: 21st Dec 2007 20:24
...well, sort of

After running this, you'll be hiding behind the sofa every time you use your computer!

Just two Lines!

And here it is uncompressed, in case you want to play around with it:

Oh, and you'll need the attached data fle in the same directory as the source code!

Best wishes for a very Merry Christmas and the Happiest of New Years!


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Eevil Weevil
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Joined: 1st Aug 2007
Location: Wherever you are, I wil follow
Posted: 24th Dec 2007 09:25 Edited at: 24th Dec 2007 09:27
Ha ha cool.
Quote: "
You are the Doctor! You are the Doctor! I thought you'd be taller!"


[edit] And, yes, it does work in DBP. [/edit]

Impossible? Anything is impossible. 48'6F'77'20'64'61'72'65'20'79'6F'75'20'77'6F'72'6B'20'6F'75'74'20'6D'79'20'73'69'67'21

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Joined: 18th Apr 2007
Location: Chernarus
Posted: 24th Dec 2007 23:00
I don't get it? Why would I hide?


Blobby 101
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Joined: 17th Jun 2006
Location: England, UK
Posted: 7th Jan 2008 22:05
Quote: "I don't get it? Why would I hide?"

because it's a Dalek! how could you not hide from a Dalek?!
good program BTW.

thanks to deathead for the sig! please Click on it!
Yodaman Jer
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Posted: 10th Jan 2008 22:02 Edited at: 10th Jan 2008 22:03
Good idea! I like me some Doctor Who every now and I'm scared of my computer, though...

Sorry, TGC, that message just applied to me all too well . . .

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