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The 20 Line Challenge / [LOCKED] Deleting of Windows in just 1line

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Joined: 28th Jun 2007
Posted: 4th Feb 2008 02:27 Edited at: 5th Feb 2008 09:28
lol it really happen when i start the program with this code, i use Virtual Machine for will be the same if is not virtual for sure but when the program starts virtual windows crashes and need restart.when restart it gives me a message of missing kernel dll files DO NOT TRY THIS AT YOUR MACHINE OR AT YOUR FRIEND OR FOE

Where is a will, there is a way.
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Joined: 11th Nov 2005
Posted: 4th Feb 2008 07:32
Useless.. + I dont trust your programs anymore

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Joined: 4th Dec 2005
Location: england
Posted: 4th Feb 2008 22:31
For fecks sake, Luskos, just who the hell are you trying to impress? Imbecile.

Shove your shitty MMORPG idea and get me a drink.
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Joined: 24th Nov 2002
Location: France
Posted: 4th Feb 2008 22:32
I'm not sure the operating system will actually allow that, nonetheless it's a rather stupid thing to post.

NeX the Fairly Fast Ferret
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Joined: 10th Apr 2005
Location: The Fifth Plane of Oblivion
Posted: 4th Feb 2008 23:29 Edited at: 5th Feb 2008 09:29
Surely you mean:

sonicreator 2006
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Joined: 3rd Sep 2005
Location: Press F5
Posted: 5th Feb 2008 00:01
haha... now i have a way of destroying my old friend's crappy computer!!! with one line!!!

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Joined: 18th Apr 2007
Location: Chernarus
Posted: 5th Feb 2008 00:36
Deleting windows with windows is like trying to eat yourself...

"I have faith, that I shall win the race, even though I have no legs, and am tied to a tree." ~Mark75
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Joined: 19th Nov 2002
Location: UK
Posted: 5th Feb 2008 09:38
See how impressionable users like sonicreator 2006 can be corrupted by this tosh!

Apart from the questionable nature of the code snippet (that was), it is also a long, long way from being what this board is all about.

As a reminder to anyone who doesn't know what it's for, then a quick reminder:

The idea is to create something amazing and wonderful within 20 lines that shows us all how good a programmer you are.

Compressing lots of lines to 20 or less is a feat in itself and posting a snippet of less than 20 lines uncompressed is a joke - especially if it only demonstrates what a newcomer to DB could do within a few hours of opening the box!

There are a few excellent examples on here, but far too many which are simply pointless - like this one.



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