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DLL Talk / need a DLL that returns Microphone level (I will pay for it)

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Joined: 26th Apr 2005
Location: Dubai, UAE
Posted: 7th Jul 2009 15:17
I posted a request before, nobody answered
this time I will pay for it.

what I need is to get the level of the the microphone input.

a sample project is included in the attachments, done in C#
if you can make better than this this would be cool.
I need this for dark basic pro.

I want to know how much this will cost me?

thank you.



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Joined: 25th Sep 2009
Location: Ontario, Canada
Posted: 23rd Oct 2009 20:54 Edited at: 29th Oct 2009 16:20
Can't help.

If involves money I'm in. (only if it Benefits me)
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Joined: 16th Nov 2009
Posted: 25th Dec 2009 05:45
How much are you willing to pay!!
i see a very little reply to your post, this could
be difficult. It would be nice of you, if you could
explain in more detail about your problem. But can't
promise you that i can fix your problem, cos there
are lots of Gurus(coder) out there much better
than..., but there is nothing, men can't fix,
if he try.
Happy Bunny
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Joined: 7th Jan 2010
Location: UK
Posted: 8th Jan 2010 02:54
If you are still looking for help then I will do my best.

Would you like and external callable DLL or would you like a DB Pro command extension?

The money is not important. I just want to help.

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