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DLL Talk / Enhanced Animations Playback Trouble

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Joined: 16th Aug 2009
Location: Brisbane
Posted: 19th Oct 2009 08:05
Hey guys,

I've been having some difficulties getting animation to play on my models. A bit of backstory; the model was created, unwrapped and skinned in 3DS Max, with a whole heap of animations done. We've already gotten animation working on another model created exactly the same way in the past (albeit with the frame ranges for the animation becoming huge).

Now we've got the model exporting more or less correctly and the animation can be seen in the DirectX Model Viewer, but no matter what we try we can't get the animation to play properly in DarkBASIC Pro (we've tried all sorts of frame ranges, playback speeds, limb selection and inheritance options). I've included the .X file with this post in the hopes that someone can help us out. It's kind of urgent ><

Thanks in advance,


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Joined: 14th Apr 2006
Posted: 19th Oct 2009 22:26
I can run it in Enhanced animation, but its slow as hell. Even at 100 fps it crawls.
The problem looks like it is because you took 3840 frames to make a run animation. That is just way to processor intensive. Most run animations can be done in 12 to 30 frames.
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Posted: 20th Oct 2009 01:09
Considering that animation is interpolated between frames you don't need to use such a high resolution. As wildbill said, 12-30 frames should be enough.

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