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PureGDK / hDBWnd=OpenDBWnd ????

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Joined: 16th May 2008
Posted: 28th Dec 2009 23:06
Hi there,

sorry about my stupid question:

Is there only the possibility to use DB in PureBasic with OpenDBWnd() ?

Why i must have a Window instead of a Fullscreen??
Its a pitty - because when u have 2 TFTs and your application with pureGDK ist on TFT 1 Maximised to Fullscreen - and you control a camera with mouse - the mouse will get to TFT 2?

ATM i open a ogre screen behind the PureGDK Screen to solve this
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Posted: 29th Dec 2009 00:27 Edited at: 29th Dec 2009 00:27
Because PureGDK does not support fullscreen exclusive you will have to handle certain situations yourself, like mouse movements for multiple monitors.

One possible solution would be to use the Win32 API to lock the mouse cursor to the DBP window and prevent it from moving onto other another monitor.

Simply check to see if the mouse has left the bounds of the window. And if it has, move it back.

There is an API function to lock the mouse to a window. I think it's SetCapture, but I can't remember off the top of my head.

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