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DLL Talk / Enhanced animation - is this possible, if so how?

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Joined: 19th Jan 2010
Posted: 26th Jan 2010 10:22
How do i do this?

First export several different original objects with rigged bipped without animation.

Then, using the same bipped only (no objects) export different animation sets to be later extracted with enan and applied to the above original bipped objects?

The problem is, limb numbers with the objects and the skeleton doesnt match, even if i use a dummy object as a place holder for the object body, then there pops up some extra noname$ limbs which ruin the whole thing.

Any advice?
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Posted: 20th Apr 2010 12:38
Quote: "The problem is, limb numbers with the objects and the skeleton doesnt match"

You have to set them up seperately, sorry...

The only quick way to do this would be to use the same skeleton in your animation editor (3dsMax / Fragmotion or whatever) and skin the different characters / objects to the same fully animated skeleton then export.

If you are using Max then there's a fully animated biped made for FPS characters somewhere (a quick search should flag it up) and there's one for Milkshape and Fragmotion too I think!

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