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DLL Talk / Styx Plugin Problem

Dale Keller
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Joined: 8th Feb 2008
Location: Winnipeg, MB Canada
Posted: 5th Feb 2010 04:41
I try to run the Styx plugin in my DarkBasic Pro and I get the message: Parameter Mismatch in Command "Shape Drag Mode" At line 20.

It occured in my XP Installation and now in my Win7 as well. I haven't changed the code at all. This code was installed as demo's when I installed the Styx Plugin. I don't know much and are pretty green at programming but if anyone can help me it would be much appreciated. The help file is NOT very helpfull, I like DBPro but noticed that a lot of so called demo code or snippets have major errors, Why do people claim they know this and that but it's errors everywhere. And on anouther note why are tons of links in the forum or a few in the DBPro pages dead??? I love Dark Basic Pros powerful commands but old antiquated help files and dead link after dead link makes me think Dark Basic is just a toy language that noone takes seriously. I feel like I'm using linux again, geesh. I'm on disablility and scrimp and save for DBPro and Styx and demos that come with the app won't run, What gives?? I starved for this????[img]null[/img]

Regards Dale k.


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