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DLL Talk / Start another process or program/application within DarkBasic Professional

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Joined: 6th Feb 2010
Posted: 6th Feb 2010 20:00

Does the newest version of DarkBasic Professional have some kind of command that allows you to start another program or process from within DarkBasic.

You know,for example: START PROCESS (string name) .
Then you would type for example : START PROCESS ("C:\PINBALL.EXE").

If it is not possible with the standard DarkBasic Pro command set,then can someone please write a plugin to be able to do this ?
I really need it.

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Posted: 6th Feb 2010 20:11
That's already available.

EXECUTE FILE is the original command.

Then there's the newer EXECUTE EXECUTABLE, EXECUTABLE RUNNING and STOP EXECUTABLE which I've not used so far but which should give you more control.

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