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DLL Talk / Setting up NGC

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Joined: 3rd Dec 2008
Location: The Netherlands
Posted: 22nd Mar 2010 18:11
I know this topic has been discussed many times, but there is no information around that I can use.

I tried everything. Put the DLL in the right spot (heck, got it copied everywhere, so its there!) put the constants at the top in my code, added the startcollisionpro() with my key and included the .dba.

When I run the framework example I get the message "collision system could not be loaded" and when I compile my own project I get parser errors from the included file.

I about to give up on this so any help is appreciated! (please don't suggest sparky's... that one confuses me :\)

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Joined: 7th Dec 2005
Location: Netherlands
Posted: 10th Apr 2010 19:08
I believe it was shipped with one corrupted DLL and one properly functioning one.. I'm not sure which one of the two worked right and where it was located, but try fiddling around with that.

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Posted: 11th Apr 2010 01:36
Did you get this resolved?

One of the packages did have a slightly corrupt NGCollision.dba file that went out, however, this did not affect the samples that came with it. If you already have the v4.02 download I'd recommend downloading again to ensure there wasn't a corruption with the download itself as the samples should work fine out of the box.

If the samples work and you're having trouble with the setup itself, make sure to include th "NGCollision.dba" file from the "include" folder and not from the root folder. Also make sure to include it via the File Manager and not by the code itself (DBP doesn't handle the includes correctly if done via code).


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