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FPSC Classic Showcase / [X9] Fenix OPs

The Storyteller 01
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Posted: 20th Feb 2011 21:31 Edited at: 20th Feb 2011 21:34
WoW....somehow I overlooked this one

Well, I just played "fenixops2" a couple of times and here is my review

The Good:

- level design
The choice of segments is good and the props (pipes, cables, boxes etc.) fit well. Everything looks grungy but in a "natural" way. Just like the rundown place we played in as kids and pretended terrorists would hide there.

- lighting
"Natural" comes to my mind again. There are lots of dark corners but the main areas are well-lit enough to appear logical (after all the enemy wants to see their way too). The lights corresponds perfectly to the lightsources and the coulour mix of the light is perfect as is the choice of lightsource props.

The Bad:

- enemy spawning
On my first run I was moving very slowly to have a good look at everything. But the 2 others I moved a lot faster and from room 2 on the enemies spawned partially behind me. On my third run the "machingunner" didn't spawn at all (but his blob shadow could be seen). Also the shoot scripts couldn't really deal with me too close to them at spawn, as they ignored me long enough to switch/reload weapons.

- weapon management
The player starts out with a gun that only bankrobbers and cheap thugs are using. To make up for it, 2 military weapons are to be found in vent ducts? How old is that?? And I couldn't take any of the enemies weapons, xcept for the AKA, I also could find - not much consistency here.

The Ugly:

I picked up a key and a weapon but the models remained ingame - very annoying. Also while the enemy bodies vanished, their weapons remained (but I couldn't take them, remember?)

- voiceover
Technically well done but when moving faster often triggering too late. Also "Leave no one alive!" is not in my Cool Book of mission briefings (but thats my personal carebear-opinion)

- menu
It's not that hard to make some screens of FPSC characters and use them for menu images. Seeing cool but obviously "borrowed" stuff used in FPSC games always bothers me a little.

On my personal demo scale its a 2,5 out of 5 and I'd call it "A game I would really like to replay after a makeover"

In case you find my grammar and spelling weird ---> native German speaker ^^
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Posted: 23rd Feb 2011 10:01
Yay. I really like the way you can aim with the guns, but the main thing i really dislike in every FPSC game is the way enemies are dieing. It's really poor animation, maybe the newest packs have it covered better ? Anyway you hidden it, and it looks better now

In progress of making Archery Simulator... Or maybe not simulator x]?

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Posted: 26th Feb 2011 17:08
thanks VERY MUCH for the review, storyteller!

knowing what you had problems with here will make me know what needs to be improved in when worlds collide. that's partially what this game was for. already, in my main project WWC, all guns can be picked up, and since there are no mission briefings, I don't worry about that.

as for guns, rest assured that none will be found laying around (for some dumb reason) in air ducts, and I'll make sure that the menu is all my own work.[/img]
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Posted: 26th Feb 2011 22:09 Edited at: 26th Feb 2011 22:43
good game! nice gameplay, cant wait for WWC btw

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Posted: 1st Mar 2011 20:56
thanks guys![/img]
skype = isaacpreston. I want to talk to YOU

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