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DLL Talk / A missing .dll on Windows Vista

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Joined: 23rd Apr 2010
Posted: 25th Apr 2010 20:42
What I've found out is that "d3drm.dll" is missing from windows vista, which what I've seen is you need "d3drm.dll" to run The 3D Game Maker on Windows Vista. When you get it from a site ( I saw this person just dragged it into the System32 folder, and it just worked like it should on Windows XP. Its just a .dll file was missing from the system, which means if you get it, you can use The 3D Game Maker on Windows Vista, but I don't know if it works on Windows 7.
Your welcome for the tip.

Video I've found of how he got the .dll (the one I was talking about)

The .dll (the one i was talking about)
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Joined: 10th May 2010
Posted: 27th May 2010 23:41
Download and install Directx 9.0c from and it will work perfectly.

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Joined: 17th Mar 2003
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Posted: 31st May 2010 21:28
distribution of individual directx dll's is against the licence.

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