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PureGDK / thank you

Creating Game
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Joined: 21st Oct 2008
Posted: 27th Apr 2010 14:59
I would like to thank all people involved in developing such a great product as PurBasic and PureGDK.

Only one thing I dont like.

When accessing a member of a structure I'm used to use '.' (dot, very pascal, modula, oberon, java, C#, ADA, Eiffel style) instead of '\' That sometimes really make me crazy.
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Joined: 16th Oct 2009
Posted: 28th Apr 2010 00:09

Indeed, thanks from me also, PureBasic and PureGDK are both great products.

About using the '/' to access a stucture member, no it is not exactly like the other languages you mention, but it is a different language.
It also does not use '{}' to close loops, etc, etc. I don't think it will be changed, it would break the entire communities projects.

That said, if it bothers you enough to justify the effort, you could possibly write a precompiler to change code written the way you like to PureBasic standards. There is even a member who has written an object oriented precompiler, which adds support for things like classes and methods in purebasic, using standard OO keywords.

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Joined: 9th Nov 2005
Posted: 28th Apr 2010 13:54 Edited at: 28th Apr 2010 13:54
If it really bothers you, Creating Game, you'll be glad to hear that the PureGDK will soon support languages other than just PureBasic such as C++. Then you'll be able to use the dot operator to your hearts content.

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