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DLL Talk / Strange Terrain Output

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Joined: 16th Jan 2005
Posted: 20th Jun 2010 14:36

Had a wierd issue with terrains. The attached image shows two terrains that differ only by the resolution of the heightmap.

The image on the left uses a 512x512 heightmap, and as you can see the map is truncated so that the path runs off the edge of the map. The image on the right uses exactly the same image scaled down to 256x256, and yet as you can see the missing map segments are there, so that the road curves down.

The truncation that occurs happens in both the x and z directions, so that using object size x() and object size z() show the terrain size for the 512x512 as 496x496.

Has anyone else had this happen to them? or does anyone know why it happens?

This is not the Sig you are looking for....


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