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DLL Talk / making a dll - what can you put in one?

That1Smart Guy
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Posted: 7th Jul 2010 03:17
is the dll JUST a list of functions, or can you actually write a full C++ program into a dll?

im new to c++ and have never written a dll before, so im sorry if this is a major noob question

Freedom Fighters
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Posted: 7th Jul 2010 14:32
in theory i say yes you could but it would take a bit of work.

see, a dll just like a extensions for applications, hence the working for them as application extension.

i haver thought this question and tried but lack the knowledge in WINAPI.

in the theory i think it could be possible.

1 - you would need a source to call the dll twice, one for set-up and one for shut-down, eg clean up

2 - you would need to make a process or thread that the main thread which does everything for the so-posed 'application' and with in that make a GUI and thread to handle input then all the other stuff you want.

so i guess in theory yer you can create a application.

in the attachment is my example of a dll and how to call it.
this was done in Visual Studio c++ 2010

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Posted: 7th Jul 2010 15:02
Quote: "or can you actually write a full C++ program into a dll?"


When my Interface Library was on general release, one of the examples I provided in the download was exactly that. The .DBA file contained a single command from the DLL, and the DLL did everything else.

It used to be painful as you'd need to include commands in your .DBA file that would force DBPro to include the DLLs you needed in the compiled app, but later Lee provided methods of doing that from the plug-in too.

See the attached download for the example (you won't be able to compile it).


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