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Dark Physics & Dark A.I. & Dark Dynamix / repositioning objects

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Joined: 25th Jan 2010
Posted: 19th Jul 2010 12:23 Edited at: 19th Jul 2010 12:25
how can i reposition say a ball that leaves the bottom of the screen, i have tried:

As you can see i even repeated myself, the object number is 300 and is set as a rigid body dynamic sphere ..

Also on another notem, when you delete an object from darkbasic, then recreate it,it seems all collision detection disappears, else i wouldve simply deleted all objects .
Here is a screenie to see what I am upto if it helps! :

300 is the ball of course, i simply want to reposition at the starting position, as shown, when it leaves the bottom of the screen.

Hail to the king, baby!
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Joined: 28th Nov 2002
Location: United Kingdom
Posted: 19th Jul 2010 13:15
tried these.

Dark Physics makes any hot drink go cold.
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Joined: 24th Apr 2004
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Posted: 23rd Jul 2010 20:55 Edited at: 23rd Jul 2010 22:26
Check out my tiltboard code and program. When my ball leaves the bottom of the screen it is deleted and recreated in the original position.

my restart tag is where I create the initial ball and position.
balls is my variable for the number of balls you have in the game
be sure to delete the object and the rigid body to avoid an object exists error

Hope this helps

edit: my program and code is in the 20 line forum

Toydoc Dan

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