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Dark Physics & Dark A.I. & Dark Dynamix / discuss how YOU use DarkAI in your games

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Joined: 14th May 2009
Location: Australia
Posted: 15th Aug 2010 06:10

I'd like to see how people have been using Dark AI. Clearly it's written for 1st person 3d shooters. What I want to know is, how peoople have been using these commands in their games that are not 3d shooters.
Is anyone adapting the commands for say, a scrolling platformer 2d or 3d? A team sports game, ie Rugby? real time strategy, or even an action RPG?

I'm curious as to see how people have used the commands in creative ways.
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Joined: 23rd Mar 2010
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Posted: 19th Aug 2010 21:55
Well I just got DGS bonanza and I youtubed a quick tut or it but i'm no good so far, i'm practicing physics then i'll work on AI probally... then lights

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