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DLL Talk / Calling TPC/DBPro Library Functions from TPC query...

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Posted: 18th Aug 2010 14:39 Edited at: 18th Aug 2010 20:59
This Problem has been Solved

Hey Folks,

A quick query for those seasoned with TPC development;

I've got a TPC written, and built that will utilise a function in the DBPro Basic3D Library 'DBProBasic3DDebug.dll'.

I used the standard way of loading the library, defining the function, and linking the definition to the DLL function address.

In the case of using the Core library to perform a Print request, this works absolutely fine, and I duplicated the method to call the Basic 3D's ObjectExist function '?GetExist@@YAHH@Z', but rather than work, the TPC will crash, even though everything was checked over 3 times to ensure everything is working as expected.

Does anyone please have a bit of source code to demonstrate an effective way of calling an internal function from within a TPC when using either Basic3D, or anything that isn't the DBPro Core library?

I would provide my code, but it's part of a framework i've written to fast-write tpc's, so it would be messy, and hard to understand.

Thank you kindly!


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