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Dark Physics & Dark A.I. & Dark Dynamix / DarkData is a Incomplet program

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Joined: 17th Aug 2009
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Posted: 9th Sep 2010 13:03
I know I've ask 2 times about commands being put back

and I am shire others have asked

they basically say there going to leave it broken

"Thats Not NIce"

2 new command thoughts are needed

one for breaking glass ..

as in a spot is hit and it depending on how hard it's hit
is how far out from that spot it shows it and if there are
several spots near each other then the space between reflects that

the other is similar , damage to and object
the more it's hit in that area the more it pulls the rest of the
object near it

I've seen example close to what I am after but nun of them
unforchantly get close enought , clearly not the fault
of the people coming up with the idea ,
I know they worked hard to get to the idea they were after

DBP is 94 percent of the way to be being fully usable to
what I am after

if you think I am being picky .. that's your thought

nothing I can do about it

I've got a lot of idea's for games

some of them are for fun and some are teaching
basically getting the user to relax and open there minds

what I finally understand has taken me a long time to understand
and I know I got more to learn and there are programs in the works
now that I know I can use to get my idea's out there

if I understood how to make dll's with what I am after
I would do it but that it still far down the road for me

thats all I got to say

lets get together and convince The~Game~Creator's to
finish the final peaces of a vary large puzzle

Thanks for reading

If a thought is Just a thought ~ so whats the main thought ?

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