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DLL Talk / Help with dll in VC++ express

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Joined: 6th Nov 2008
Posted: 21st Sep 2010 04:01
I'm programming a dll for DBpro, but I don't know very well how make it... Ok, my code is the follow:

The code in DBpro is:

I have guided from this video:
My problem is that I want to pass values from DBpro to my dll, but DBpro reports this error:

Line 65 is where I call the Dll. The error is in "int fr" because the function works very well if I change the code by:

Maybe I'm wrong and the error is in return, I don't know, now I'm confused.
Any help, please?
Brendy boy
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Location: Croatia
Posted: 22nd Sep 2010 00:23
instead of:

put this:

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