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DLL Talk / Google Code DBPro Source Code - DBProBasic3DDebug.dll?

Todd Riggins
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Posted: 6th Nov 2010 06:25 Edited at: 6th Nov 2010 07:34
I was able to install the code from to my pc using Tortoise.

My main purpose for myself is to ditch the Multiplayer code, be able to compile the code using the latest version of DirectX and to be able to write my own dlls using the available code.

I was able to finally successfully compile the code but was not able to find the DBProBasic3DDebug dll. If I wanted to add Basic3D functions, how do I compile it???

I see that the dll's get compiled into:
DBPro Source\ darkbasicpro --username LeeBamberTGC\Dark Basic Pro\Compiler\plugins

ofcoarse the 'copy_DLLS_to_UPDATE.bat' is useless to us since we don't get the full source code to everything... right? So everything in the batch files fails with one reason being that directory ".\..\..\..\Dark Basic Pro Shared\UPDATES\U7.5\Main\Compiler\" does not exist.

I noticed kaedroho created a new DBProBasic3DDebug dll for his Draw Object command plugin. So how do we compile the DBProBasic3DDebug.dll?

Thanks for any help



Solved... It got sneaky and hid it in:
Program Files (x86)\The Game Creators\FPS Creator

The Objects project is what creates the DBProBasic3DDebug.dll

Well mabie this might help at least 1 person some day.

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