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DLL Talk / How to get the function "?ReceiveCoreDataPtr@@YAXPAX@Z" correctly seen using code::blocks?

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Joined: 12th Aug 2009
Posted: 3rd Dec 2010 18:29
Hi all,

I am using code::blocks (MinGW) and I can't get this function to be seen by DBP when using my dll.

I read all explanations given for DevC++ from this topic : and I tried to use the same approach with code::blocks but the IDE seems to manage things in a different way : linking with a .def file doesn't make my dll to work.

There's no errors with the compilation of my dll but I know the core is not available because I'am using the following code (which always returns the "Core not set" message when calling my function from DBP) :

Here is a part of the dll code (I removed all the functions except the one that need the core):

And here is the Stringtable:

These are the original files of my dll, I don't post the modified versions I made of the stringtable and the .def file as they don't work much more.

Any help or comment is welcome to get the core to be "seen".


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Joined: 12th Aug 2009
Posted: 4th Dec 2010 17:06
I reply to myself as I solved the problem and this could be useful for other programmers.

As described for DevC++, a .def file is required BUT code::blocks doesn't work exactly the same way DevC++ does.

So adding the code
to the linker option doesn't work.

To get the .def file linked correctly we have to pass only the name of this file (e.g. 'Project1.def' without the '--def ' prefix) as parameter into :

Project -> Build Options -> Linker Settings (tab) -> "Other linker options"

So, just add this code :

Then build the project...
Now, you've got a working dll that allows to use core functions.

Just for informations here's the content of my 'Project1.def' file:

And here is a copy of the modified globstruct.h file (for those who don't need to install the DirectX SDK and are using MinGW) :

NB: I'am using code::blocks 8.02, I didn't try the lastest version (V10.05 - 30 may 2010) yet.

Hope this will help.


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