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DLL Talk / A few BlueGui Questions

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Posted: 5th Dec 2010 19:04 Edited at: 5th Dec 2010 19:07
Hi all, i've just got a few questions, if anyone knows the answers to any, then all help is appreciated.

First, i have an issue with menus, why is it then when you have a large menu, it works fine, but in my menubar building code below, i added some images, (to load, save, undo, red, settings, ect), it will still compile, but using images in the menus seems to mess it up and cause it to crash occasionally when there is no reason to, Has this been fixed in any version of BlueGui out there.

Second, I know that the Source code was released and a member on the forum updated it somewhat, what's the newest version available, and does anyone know where i can get a list of updates, (im still using the original BlueGui2 DLL at the mo)

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Posted: 5th Dec 2010 19:52 Edited at: 5th Dec 2010 19:57
I've never used large menus with BlueGUI so I don't know about that , but the person who updated BlueGUI was humanoid. Thread link & download below:

edit: I noticed you're creating the global handles in a subroutine. I used to use a gosub for init routines which declared global gadgets etc. It worked fine for ages, then as the program grew it suddenly stopped working. I moved a couple of global handle declarations back to the start of the program (out of the gosub) and it worked again. I tracked the variables and it was like they were acting as local. I never determined why or what was the cause, but I don't declare them in a gosub anymore. Long shot but might be worth trying

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