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DLL Talk / k.Net (VB.Net & C# DLLs in DBPro)

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Posted: 28th Jan 2011 01:27 Edited at: 28th Jan 2011 01:28

Hi guys, I'm making a new plugin for DBPro and it allows VB.Net and C# DLLs to be used in DBPro without any special editing of the DLLs and without needing to open the DLLs for COM Interop, etc.. You simply open Visual Studio, make your DLL, build it and you're done
It can load any public class from your DLL, currently one at a time but if it's wanted among forum users I'll add in, multiple class loading and other better things

I'm currently looking for people who can code VB.Net and/or C# DLLs to help me with testing so if you can then please have a look at the proper thread here:

If this thread is against rules (I don't think it is) then I apologise.

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