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DLL Talk / Problem with ZParticle...

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Joined: 22nd Oct 2008
Posted: 1st Feb 2011 23:43
There is i problem using ZParticle plugin and the "Disable object ZDEPTH" command in the same program...

I whould like to create Fire Particles and I found this plugin very nice and easy to use.
I tried several time a system for HUD objects in front of the screen (Live, Keys, Energy...) using the "Lock Object" command.
But each time I use this kind of command, the particles created with ZParticle are drawn in front of other objects, even if I create the particle objects before or after the other objects in my scene (or level).

I also tried the very good system "lockObjectToCamera" found in the forum (sorry for the author, I don't remember his name !) but the problem still the same.

Is there someone who can help me for this problem ?
Otherwise, I have to redo a big part of my code because for the moment, I use an animated "bilboard" system to create my Fire particles.

Many Thanks !

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