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DLL Talk / [ODE] Objects freezing in mid air

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Posted: 9th Feb 2011 22:30 Edited at: 9th Feb 2011 22:33
Well as I've ran into some consistency problems with Dark Physics, I decided to try my hand at the integrated ode commands.

My first try, objects were falling through my dynamic box floor. This was remedied by changing 'ode set world step' from 0.02 to 0.001.

Now there seems to be a noticeable collision, however, it's in mid air! Has anyone ran in to this problem and may have come up with a solution?

Here are the ode code segments:

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Figured I should mention there is more code than this, including the actual object creation(i.e. make object sphere,make object box) I just didn't want to post it all for clarities sake.

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