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DLL Talk / DLL & Assembly

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Posted: 23rd Feb 2011 04:03 Edited at: 23rd Feb 2011 04:16
Ok, so I would like to make a few DLLs for my project, but the problem is that I don't know anything other than ASM and various flavors of BASIC.
Now this is where it gets a bit embarrassing. I've been programming ASM for all kinds of processors/controllers (even designed a 32-bit CPU in TTL) but don't understand the whole argument passing mechanism between the Speak-n-Spell, erm I mean high level language, and ASM. Say I want to pass the address of an image loaded in DBP so I can perform operations on it. How would I accomplish this and then ensure the image is updated in DBP?
Any help or good references would be appreciated. Thanks much!

Also, I do understand how to pass simple values with the old SP/BP operation.
I should do I pass the arguments between DBP and my ASM routine as if my DLL commands were a keyword within DBP?

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