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FPSC Classic Showcase / [X9] Deep Dark DEMO [Scariest Game Contest]

charger bandit
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Joined: 10th Nov 2009
Location: Slovenia
Posted: 5th Mar 2011 10:17
Deep Dark

Developer: chargerbandit


You play as a horror story writer who just loves to explore dark,creepy and abandoned areas to get the inspiration to write. For your latest story,you picked an old abandoned bunker at the edge of west Germany. After the descending to the bunker,your feeling got werider and werider. Something is not right. You are running out of petroleum for your lamp,you need to take a look around and find some replacement.

But everything is not alright.


This is a project for the Scary Horror Game contest. After I heard the deadline was pushed to 5th March,I decided to make a simple horror game. I will be posting progress each day until the end of the week.

This will be probably my last attempt at doing anything interesting in FPSC.



This game was created in 5 days by Chargerbandit.
Created for the Scary Game Contest in FPS Creator.


WSAD - Move
F - Use
LMB - Shoot
RMB - Aim
Space - Jump
C - Crouch


-The game is OK but the hurt hud is werid,

-The open door hud says press ENTER,but you must press F

-if you die you get the win screen,

-after you win/die and get back to the main menu,
theres no cursor but you can click around and exit.

This was completed for fun,there might be a longer version somewhere in the future.




Metal Devil123
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Joined: 13th Jul 2008
Location: Suomi, Finland
Posted: 5th Mar 2011 11:15 Edited at: 5th Mar 2011 11:43
Ooooh! Downloading ATM!
Quote: "if you die you get the win screen"

Easiest win ever

Played it and here's my thoughts:
You managed to get a good and an interesting feel into the bunkers and a quite scary one. The usage of soundeffects was great and some of the enemies really got me scared...

... only one enemy was teribly misplaced. Grendel creature in the end of the hallway, when you get the machinegun... it was so far, that it didn't notice me. A better solution would have maby been to put the ammo further into the hallway and close the door automatically after you get through it. Then you would have to run to the ammo at the same time the mosnter is running to you from the other end of the hallway? Just an idea. I see you already noticed some of the bugs, so no point mentioning them.
OH! Almost forgot! The sniper rifle had no hud when you zoomed with it. No scope hud you know. Was this intentional or was it an accident?

But overall:
7/10 (5 being the average, 10 being GREAT!)
It was really a good game, but there is some things that could have been done better. For an example: The level ends just in what feels like a random spot. Why not go on and put a good ending there? I know it's not the full game, but maby end it in a cliffhanger? The game was really good up to that point, but the end was just... non-existant...
But I would recommend this game. It will give you some good scares and it has a really interesting place and a cool look going on. Thumbs up!

charger bandit
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Joined: 10th Nov 2009
Location: Slovenia
Posted: 5th Mar 2011 12:06
Thanks,yes I also did realise some other huds were missing...well I am going to try and make the next game better

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Joined: 8th Jul 2006
Location: Stirling, UK
Posted: 5th Mar 2011 14:10
Over all I found this game excellent in all aspects. Gameplay was brilliant, as were graphics. I have played it a few times.

Only problem I found was a collision bug, and running out of ammo and so having to trap enemies in rooms to progress.

Thanks for the entertainment

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Metal Devil123
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Joined: 13th Jul 2008
Location: Suomi, Finland
Posted: 5th Mar 2011 16:17
Quote: "well I am going to try and make the next game better"

Wasn't this a demo? Will you be continuing on this? Becouse I would really love to see this go somewhere

charger bandit
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Joined: 10th Nov 2009
Location: Slovenia
Posted: 5th Mar 2011 16:23
I will be probably adding a better ending and fixing all the bugs when full 1.18 gets released,nothing else.

Thanks for the comments

The Storyteller 01
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Posted: 6th Mar 2011 00:43 Edited at: 6th Mar 2011 00:45
I played Deep Dark 3 times now and here is my review.

The Good
- general design
The segments, props and enemies all fit together, and the ambience level rounds it up.

In most games the enemies are cannon fodder and ammunition is nearly endless. In some others you need at least 5 tries to survive a single level. This game was well balanced. Once I died but I didn't feel cheated. Otherwise I was watching the ammo count constantly, and most encounters where a challenge.

The Bad

- story & motivation
Searching for inspiration in an old bunker is allready a ho-hum start. But staying in the place although its getting "weirder and weirder"? Oh...the player has run out of petroleum. I understand ....boy, must the player be dumb. But even the dumbest fool would run back after the first encounter - I mean, it's not pitch black so why do I need petroleum anyway?

- lack of originality
Unfortunately nothing in this game is new. PWs Grunge Pack is kind of the new stock segment and everything else is overused. Even the stock media folder has a lot more to offer, just than boxes, drums, bunk beds and lockers. Honestly, in 2009 this game would possibly have shined but 2011 its a little behind.

The Ugly
(apart from what is allready mentiond in the OP)

- custom menu
Using a blood-drenched horror font for the story is really cheap. such a font is usually reserved for parodies or original 70ies B-pictures.

Overall it's a hard-earned 2 out of 5 on my personal game scale and I'd call it "An run-off the mill level with few mistakes but a huge lack of originality."

@charger bandit:
Since you said
Quote: "This will be probably my last attempt at doing anything interesting in FPSC."
I don't want you to take this review as discouraging. Building the level and filling it up with enemies and weapons is about 50% of the work and its allready done. It's a good foundation to just add the elements, that make the game more interesting and more unique. I am sure you allready have a lot of ideas and I hope I get to see them.

In case you find my grammar and spelling weird ---> native German speaker ^^
charger bandit
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Joined: 10th Nov 2009
Location: Slovenia
Posted: 6th Mar 2011 10:48
Thanks. I accept your every point. Overall work spent on this game is like 4-5 hours,not more. I won't be continuing on this,rather look out for my next game for the Retro Recreation Contest.

Delusional Games
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Posted: 6th Mar 2011 16:05
I played this game at night without light, with the headphones on.
One thing I noticed: The atmosphere of the game scared me more than zombies jumping from out of corners and ground.
The background sounds fits perfectly into the scenes of rusty old bunker.
I agree with The storyteller, menu huds look like Night of the living dead ``font reject``

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Posted: 8th Mar 2011 13:39
Hey Charger! If I might be so bold, I would like to add one of my reviews as well... however, the reviews I write from now on are adjusted to the level of quality FPSC Games nowadays have and are not related to the old ones I wrote a while ago.
Everything that follows is my personal opinion only and not supposed to bash you in any way. Spelling and grammatic errors might be within.

Quote: "The Story"

Well, the whole story is...naah! there is no real story.
Its about a Writer who decends into an old Bunker to get himself some inspiration for his future Novel. However... even though he discovers monsters, he choses to kill them with an american machinepistol (that was lying around there) instead of getting out as fast as he could. There is a large variety of creatures in the bunker that have no real, somehow explained origin. The game has no real ending did the writer find out about that bunker area in the first place.
But hey! There are guns and monsters...and I like the idea to play a writer so I give this thing

9 %

Quote: "Overall Presentation"

Random .Exe, typo's in the readme and super B-Movie Font in the menue and loadingscreen. Horrible...but somehow indigamish in a cute way (did that make any sence to you? no? dang -.-)


Quote: " Game HUD's, Scripting etc. " wierd damage Hud...yes, you pointed that out, but there is nothing else to point out as well...


Quote: " Gameplay "

The gameplay based on shooting around. I had no lag at all and I'm always in to some random shooting Creatures. So, nothing to point out, nothing to bash on... but nothing that really raised the bar.


Quote: " Level-Design "

Simple but alright. It felt bunkerish and pretty athmospheric. You kept things simple (too simple sometimes) and placed entities quiet alright.

A few flaws here and there, like the wrong ceiling texture mixed with others in one room and an overall FPSC'ish blockiness are there though. The lightmapping is okay.


Quote: "Graphics"

You used shaders. Overall a nice idea, even though the walls look more like metal than rock/concrete/beton...whatever you call that in english. It looked a bit bland though, and some errors, like a transparent lightbulb and transparent enemies where there. you didn't really personalize or change anything. The game was moody though!


Quote: " Sounds "

The Ambience was very well done...this lowfrequency noise was really intense and so where the first growling sounds. The creatures really didn't "fit" it

Envrionment (doors) sounds, player and weapon sounds wheren't mentionable though...defaults...and FPSC's default sounds are gruesome.


Quote: " Notes "

- Even though you get a lower rating...I liked the game.

- Its a dang nice job for 4 -5 hours! Why haven't I seen any other games by you?

- Please note: I do not want to sound harsh or arrogant, its just that my english IS limited.

Quote: " Overall Rating "

35 % Conclusion: A game I would like to see remade with a better and deeper storyline and somewhat more attention to the details.


God Helps the Beast in Me!
charger bandit
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Joined: 10th Nov 2009
Location: Slovenia
Posted: 8th Mar 2011 16:17
Thank you. Yes,the weakness in story you pointed out were supposed to be implented by finding notes etc. but I had no time completing that.

The thompson is there because the germans captured british soldiers(weapon confiscation) and they were tortured with gas(mutations).

I was offended by nothing,everything you mentioned are the weaknesses of me/the game/the engine. For more of my games,search for Unknown World,Beyond Paranormal,Foggy Memory and Law of Crime. I had a different account back then.

I think I will take some of your comments and keep the game going

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