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DarkBASIC Discussion / Nesting Error checker

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Joined: 12th Mar 2009
Posted: 14th Mar 2011 20:11 Edited at: 15th Mar 2011 04:02
Hey I made a little scanner to debug code for nesting errors since the DB one wasn\'t very good. its not perfect, but it works, all you do is copy your code into a txt file and then load it with the scanner. has to be in the same folder as the scanner. The only problem with it is this

if you\'re code were like this and you forgot the endif for blue if statement. it would return red as the error. it only does it for these type situations, but the moment it finishes all the if statements in that section it works correctly again

If the nesting errors run past the page, you can use the up and down errors to scroll between them

to try to prevent confusion. if your code looked like this

Pseudo code:

it would return the if color=red line as the nesting error line
you could conclude from that your nesting error was in these lines


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