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FPSC Classic Work In Progress / [LOCKED] warrior [x9}

Team Delta games
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Posted: 10th Apr 2011 04:58 Edited at: 10th Apr 2011 10:52
Ok, about time I stoped looking at other wonderful games being made and make my own!
Developer:riflesquad studios
creators: team delta games.
description: you are a navy seal turned mercenary. you are in your london hide out when your current russian employer walks to you, telling you to follow him to an awaiting humvee.
Game features :
= done
= working on it
= not started.
Dark AI teams
tratior mercs
private security
chinesse raiders
russian elite (tratior)
10+ weapons
so far...
m9 or revolver you get to chose in game.
m16a4 (holo,holo grenade,no scope and no scope grenade.)

I\\\'ve been toying with some ideas of what i want to make and this idea was top, as if (when released) you guys enjoy it i can make sequals (when he was navy seal, missions after this game ect.ect.)[img]null[/img]
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Posted: 10th Apr 2011 13:30

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