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DLL Talk / Object Position Issues!

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Joined: 2nd May 2010
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Posted: 20th Apr 2011 01:33
In one program I save two objects positions to file.
Quote: "
//Object One
ObjOnePositionX = 432
ObjOnePositionY = 1051
ObjOnePositionZ = 2333

//Object One
ObjOnePositionX = 432
ObjOnePositionY = 1024
ObjOnePositionZ = 2333

Another program loads these setings(Just the X,Y and Z positions).
Create two object of the same size and shape and then use the exact positions loaded from file.


When the objects are positioned in the second program, using the same positions!; the two objects have much more space in between(Visually),mainly on the y-axis i think.

Please help!

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Posted: 21st Apr 2011 00:27
What has this got to do with DLL's?

Perhaps you didn't mean to post here.

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