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Program Announcements / [LOCKED] ASCII Animator - An ASCII Animation Program

Captain Brannigan
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Joined: 28th Jan 2011
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Posted: 6th May 2011 02:39 Edited at: 7th May 2011 01:49
ASCII Animator
~ A free ASCII animation program!

What is ASCII Animator?
ASII Animator is a free program in which you can create and edit ASCII animations. You don't have to create just an animation, you can also work with just a single frame.

Where can I get it?
Click here to go to the download page.

What are the minimum system requirements?
Oracle JRE 6-rev24
It works on Windows XP, Mac OS X 10.5 or greater (sorry to my bros with Tiger), Linux (Ubuntu/Fedora/etc.)

Where did this idea come from?
Well, I'm making a game that uses ASCII art for graphics. Well, I needed something that could help me make sprites, as well as build levels. I had an original version programmed in C++ and DarkGDK, it was slow, buggy, and made my laptop catch on fire. So I thought I would make a better version, and in Java!

Main Window

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Posted: 9th May 2011 06:23
You poo poo on DarkGDK and post something in Java? Boo, sir!

A 3D marble platformer using Newton physics.

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