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Dark Physics & Dark A.I. & Dark Dynamix / Feature Suggestion: Let us move Kinematic objects with animation scripts

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Joined: 21st Jun 2011
Posted: 28th Jun 2011 06:35
Im sure there would be a whole bunch of hairy details to sort out. I basically stole this idea from the Blender game engine. In the blender game engine you can move objects with their animations in a couple of different modes...

First is the Play mode, and the Kinematic object is just forced to move along according to the animation. When it gets to the end of the animation, it just stops wherever it is at. If you execute the play script again, it moves again.

Second is the Loop mode. Basically like the play mode but the animation moves the object.

Finally is the Flipper. When the animation is on, the Kinematic actor moves towards the end of the animation, and stops. Then when the animation if turned off, the kinematic actors plays the animation backwards, to the beginning.

This feature would be nice in my project because I am having to construct actual working machines, which is a very cool and proper way to do but if I could just feed some motion parameters in there I could develop my physics based game much more quickly.

Finally, there is a lot of ground to cover for DB, and I have been using it for only a few days now. So sorry if this type of functionality is already there and I just missed it. If someone could point me in the correct direction, much appreciated in advanced.

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