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FPSC Classic Showcase / Dark Shadow

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Joined: 3rd Mar 2010
Posted: 21st Jul 2011 17:56 Edited at: 4th Aug 2011 01:09

Dark shadow

Developed by


using wasp mod + FPSCreator v.1.18


Imagine yourself being in a remote town of Pitara out there to find out the reason for a current adverse situation that has unfolded in the locality. While the search is going to be difficult, the fact that you have nothing except a letter screaming out- “Dark Shadow” found in the hands of a dead body is going to make your mission even trickier to accomplish.

The town of Pitara is a place which is completely cut off from the external world. With the population of just 1000, the town once reflected a well knit family. However, destiny has it that all lives have to go through phases of turbulence and those of the people of Pitara went through something even more threatening which reduced the population of the town to nil. Mysteriously, people, one after another, started missing from the town. Were they being killed or was this a mere coincidence that increasing number of people of the town were dying with every passing day, eventually leading to the death of all of them? A dead body found fifty kms away from the place with a chit, saying “Dark Shadow” in its hand, is all that the people know about the mystery. Many people have ventured into the town to find out a solution but no one ever returned.

Are you getting curious already? Why don’t you try your hand at finding out the solution to this one of the most lethal mysteries of the town of Pitara? But beware; you might be faced with shadows and mystical characters who might threaten you to death.


If you have a weak heart, think twice before you enter the mysterious world of Pitara. With the death of every resident of the town and each one of the gutsy explorers who dared to enter the town, you are rest assured that you are going to be pitted against something which is extraordinarily powerful.

However, you are fully loaded with armaments too. Possessing a total of five weapons, you have to conserve them in a way that you can make them last for all the 11 rounds that you have to clear before you solve the mystery. As you move in the city, you have to keep your eyes in all four directions as a threat might come chasing you from any side. Use your weapons like pistol, military rifle, light machine gun, shotgun or sub machinegun to defend yourself and kill your enemies



BUY 5$


(c) Cosmic Prophet (c) Jake Cotton.
(c) Lee Bamber. (c) Darin Schriever.
(c) Jonathan Fletcher. (c) Nathan Hemstock.
(c) Robert Fitzgibbon. (c) steven Bear.
(c) Joakim Olsson. (c) Francesco Paolo Ardizzone.
(c) James Fitzgerald. (c) Robert Fitzgibbon.
(c) Homer Simpson. (c) steven Bear.
(c) Jim Logan. (c) Robert Britton.
(c) George Patterson. (c) Luis Enrique Braga Ramirez.
(c) James Fitzgerald. (c) James Fitzgerald.
(c) Brian MacIntosh. (c) mark blosser
(c) Psionoc (c) mgarand and red eye
(c) henrys ham (c) scene commander
(C) pystire (c) friskon
(c) chargerbandit (c) mccraczy
(C) jim logan
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Joined: 19th Jan 2007
Location: Canada
Posted: 21st Jul 2011 18:57
It looks interesting. But to me, not $12 worth of interesting. I would suggest going back and reworking some of the less detailed parts of your game and adding something that will set it apart from other games.

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Joined: 3rd Mar 2010
Posted: 21st Jul 2011 19:12 Edited at: 21st Jul 2011 19:13
its my first project...and glad to make 11 level ....
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Joined: 11th Aug 2009
Posted: 21st Jul 2011 20:42
Wow, Way too expensive there... Why do you need the money anyway? none of the models are yours and you arent paying artists...

not even some A+ games are worth that.

Lets get into serious stuf
What about the blue text?.
Desecrated Studios
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Joined: 16th Jan 2011
Location: Kirtona
Posted: 21st Jul 2011 23:22 Edited at: 21st Jul 2011 23:30
Yeah i also agree, i would say this would be better off free than $12. Way too high man, way too high..

It looks alright though, good work but just lower/get rid of the price!

Oh and the framerate looks pretty bad throughout the game, what do you normally get? What are the min and max framerates?

EDIT - Also, you pictures are too large for the forums. Try re-sizing them down to 800x600. And i was looking at your website/screenshots and i noticed that you have a lot of lights without light sources. You might want to fix that

Hope this helps!

Website is under construction
System Specs: AMD Phenom x3 2.2GHz, 4GB DDR2 RAM, 1TB HD, HD Radeon 5770 1GB, 22in Acer Monitor
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Joined: 22nd Jul 2006
Posted: 22nd Jul 2011 00:54
How come scene commander and plystire gets credit and I don't

Anyway maybe for your first game this should be given away for free to promo your skills, there are a lot better games on the forum that are free.

To ask for $12 for a game is not a lot but the game needs to have a bit more design and story line to sale for that price.

I'm not saying you can't make a game with model packs and stock stuff and sale it ,I'm just saying the game does have to be very good to sale and fpsc games are hard to sale in the first place but not impossible.

best of luck with your projects


Pack ya games with vishnu packer its free.
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Joined: 26th Sep 2010
Location: on your roof
Posted: 22nd Jul 2011 04:21 Edited at: 22nd Jul 2011 04:27
veer, there are many games that have alote more detail to it, and custom media, for instance...


i love the game itself but... for your first game i would not sell it...

i dont whant to make this a rude comment but you get what i mean


.....the feel of solitude hurts inside....
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Joined: 3rd Mar 2010
Posted: 22nd Jul 2011 09:09
thank for comment i was not sure about the cost ...i thought 12$ was very low i will reduce the price

Quote: "Wow, Way too expensive there... Why do you need the money anyway? none of the models are yours and you arent paying artists..."

off course i paid for model pack...
Metal Devil123
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Joined: 13th Jul 2008
Location: Suomi, Finland
Posted: 22nd Jul 2011 19:45 Edited at: 22nd Jul 2011 19:49
I think you should never sell your first game, but that's just me. I will try out the demo when I get time, but you should really try and add some detail and something that make the game look more unique AND lower the price. I will talk about the gameplay after I played the demo.
For a first it looks very good, but as said before, not 12$ good.
Oh, and you also should update your FPS Creator too, and there seems to be some lag in your game (according to the video) altho I saw some very interesting looking stuff in the video to be honest, footprint thing was really nice, and that body getting dragged away. Very cool effects, I can give you that.

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