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FPS Creator X10 / X9 comes with x10 still?

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Joined: 26th Aug 2011
Posted: 26th Aug 2011 17:26
That is what I need to know, does it?
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Posted: 26th Aug 2011 17:32 Edited at: 26th Aug 2011 17:34
Depends what way you read that question really. It could be read, "If I buy X10 does X9 come with it" or it could be read "If I buy X9 does it come with X10"

When posting a message don't post twice only press the submit button once, the forums can be slow but they get there in the end.

You need to buy X10 to get X9 for free. Not the other way around as buying X9 will not give you X10.

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