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DLL Talk / Zone & Event Plugin

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Joined: 19th Feb 2010
Posted: 17th Sep 2011 12:38
Hello All!

I'm pleased to announce our new DarkBasic Pro-Plugin.

It allows the to define Render-Zones as well as events if a Player enters or leaves a specific part of a map.

Render-Zone functionality:
You can define Zones which are only rendered if the Player is inside of the Zone. This functionality can greatly improve the FPS per Second archived by your game.
If you've a City you can define the inner for each Building as a zone. The Rendering of the Content will get automatically activated if the Player enters the room. This disables the Rendering of all objects outside of the Zone automatically.
If he leaves the Zone Rendering gets automatically disabled and all objects outside are activated again.

If you do not like the automatic Zone activating/deactivating it is also possible to control the activation and deactivation of zones within your code.

Additionally you can Register specific functions to handle a Event like entering or leaving a zone.
This function will be automatically called if a Player enters a Zone without any code Overhead needed to check each Event in your game loop.

We add the following commands to DarkBasic Pro:

CreateZone - Creates a Zone based on coordinates or the Position of a object
EnableZone - Enables the Rendering for a Zone
DisableZone - Disables the Rendering for a Zone
AssignPlayerObject - Provides Player object number to allow automatic enabling and disabling of Zones.
ZoneIgnoreObject - Manually excludes a object from all zones
ZoneIncludeObject - Manually includes a object to a Zone
CalculateZoneObjects - Automatically calculate which objects belongs to which Zone
UpdateZone - Updates Zone enabling/disabling. Called from Game-Loop
UpdateZoneWithView - Update Zones enabling/disabling if a Zone is visible
RegisterEvent - Registers a function which gets automatically called if a Player enters or leaves a Zone
RaiseEvent - Manually fires a Event with a Event-ID (calls a DBPro-Function)
DisableEvent - Disables the trigger of a Event
RemoveEvent - Removes a Event completely.

Please leave your comments, improvements requests or questions here.

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Joined: 22nd Dec 2007
Location: Serbia
Posted: 25th Sep 2011 18:48
this sounds like real deal something like portal culling or better when will we be able to try it out?

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