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DLL Talk / using shaders and camera to image from dll ??? How ?

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Joined: 22nd Aug 2008
Posted: 26th Sep 2011 22:56
I have a problem.When i try to render dx primitives to multiple cameras (fullscreen shaders) they are not visible (same issue in D3Dfunc dll D3DLINEs are not visible when using DOF or BLOOM or any other shader which uses multiple cameras )

so i found the rendertarget surface in the tagCameraData

But if i set the render target to this surface , the primitives are rendered (when i go close to the position where the primitives should be located the frame rate falls so they are rendered ) but not visible.
this is what im have so far :

But i can't get it to work properly... the particles are not visible.

any advice for this ???
Thanks in advance ! any help appreciated.

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