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Dark Physics & Dark A.I. & Dark Dynamix / Dark AI - Sprites movement

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Joined: 7th Jul 2011
Posted: 4th Nov 2011 22:16 Edited at: 4th Nov 2011 22:18
Hello, I'm trying to make it so that my player can run away from the AI's, my player never moves, everything else does.

In the code, I move the positions of the sprite when pressing the arrow keys. (It works when Dark AI is commented) How can I make it so that I can run away with Dark AI?

Here's an example:

Also how can I get the debug code to work?
Chris Tate
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Posted: 18th Nov 2011 14:50
It appears that you are trying to change the location of a static AI world. The AI system uses static obstacle points; these would need to be changed to reflect the current world position, something the static obstacle system was not designed for; but you could try to re-build the obstacle locations when the player moves, to see how smooth it runs.

I have not used the Dark AI system for a while, but if I remember correctly; for changing the AI world you'd need to work with way points and paths instead of obstacles; manual AI control.

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