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Joined: 7th Jul 2011
Posted: 26th Nov 2011 00:03
Hello, I'd like to ask how I would make AI able to move around dynamic objects, In my game my player is static, I need to move the entire world around me.
I have tried obstacles, re-positioning when the player moves, I use the "AI Entity Go to position" command towards my player constantly.

Whenever I move up and down, left and right I have to reset the AI, an dstop the Call of AI Entity Go to position which stops the automatic moving around obstacles so now they can move through walls instead of going around them.

I need to be able to run away from the AI and be able to move the world around me including all objects the AI must go around these objects even when moving.

How would I solve the issue?

Here's what I got so far:

help would be greatly appreciated
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Posted: 28th Nov 2011 01:29
As I am on my phone... I skipped the code for now...

Buy got the idea that you were rotating your terrain instead of your camera...

Is this what you are doing?

Why not just set the camera to move with the player and that way your AI entities will have a static world to manouvre ... damn it you know what word I mean there lol

Chris Tate
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Posted: 1st Dec 2011 00:57
The camera will not move with 2D players.

If you want your world to move, you need to define AI positions as pixel offsets. One way is to hide the AI, but offset a visual for the AI at the location + the world position. The AI will still understand the structure of your world; but what you will see is the visual in the correct postion. What you will not see is the AI walk through walls.

Cameras can work with 3D (2.5D ?) players. If it is not too late, you could use 3D sprites (Billboards).

Otherwise; if you just want a single AI entity, you need to reset the obstacles every time the player moves; as the AI obstacle positions are invalid once the player moves. I do not know how quickly that would work for you.

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