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FPS Creator X10 / .DDS textures not showing up problem. (It's holding me up.)

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Joined: 30th May 2011
Location: Telford
Posted: 18th Dec 2011 10:06

Ok,i've got all my textures done and saved them as .bmp. Created both _N and _S textures with ShaderMap Pro from my diffuse textures, then i loaded them all into PhotoShop added Alpha Channels (White) to the diffuse (_D) texture and Black to the _S texture and saved them both as .dds files using the correct settings (‘DXT5 ARGB 8bpp | interpolated alpha’) with Alpha Channels ticked and the _N texture with ‘DXT1 RGB 4bpp | no alpha’ and no Alpha channel.

Then i used Signs64 to create the walls and floors from the .bmp textures, next i coppied all the .dds files replaceing the ones Signs64 created and then edited all the .FPS files to match the .dds files. No shader used yet.

Now, when i tried them in FPSC no textures were showing up, just a white segment. But they work fine with the ones created with Signs64 using .png that signs64 created.

What can the problem be as it is holding me up?

Many Thanks.

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Joined: 26th Jul 2010
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Posted: 19th Dec 2011 22:23
I don't know what signs64 is and have never used it, so, for that reason, i can't advise on what to do with that, but, if you use ModelMaker 2.0.7, you can make segments with that, it creates the textures for you. Very simple to use and its free. I advise you use that.


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Joined: 30th May 2011
Location: Telford
Posted: 20th Dec 2011 09:26
Hi Unfamillia.

Thank you for your reply. Signs64 is the same as the program Signs V except this one was made for 64bit machines. (I think).

I've managed to get the textures showing, but on the diagonal walls the texture isn't showing correctly, there seems to be an overlap on the texture.


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Posted: 20th Dec 2011 15:28
just follow the links in your segment file and open the fps file of the named segment just run down and check it is all written up correctly in the file. should read like this

;Segment Parts

partmode0 = 0
meshname0 = meshbank\dungeonpack\doorframe1.x
offx0 = 0
offy0 = -50
offz0 = 45
rotx0 = 0
roty0 = 270
rotz0 = 0
texture0 = texturebank\scienceboy\rooms\
transparency0 = 0
effect0 = effectbank\bump\bump.fx
colmode0 = 0
csgmesh0 =
csgmode0 = 0
csgimmune0 = 1
lightmode0 = 0
multimeshmode0 = 0
materialindex0 = 2

and then will repeat heaps. this is a snippet to show what and where.
make sure the mesh is correctly addressed and the texture is in the right place and then it should work

do not have effectbank on if only have one texture, if have all 3 then do effectbank as above

an unquenchable thirst for knowledge of game creation!!!

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