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FPS Creator X10 / model pack 10 update

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Joined: 4th May 2007
Posted: 2nd Jan 2012 03:23
ok just brought model pack 10....the download file was updated just woundered if anyone uses this update and does it support open sights as mystic now supports airmod?....and has anyone know of problems and work arounds?..waiting to get the pack download...the pack was avalible under fpsc x10 on the main gamecreators website...
science boy
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Joined: 3rd Oct 2008
Posted: 2nd Jan 2012 13:57
there is always a work around, but wait till you get a problem before anything.

an unquenchable thirst for knowledge of game creation!!!
FPSC Tool Maker
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Posted: 2nd Jan 2012 14:14
All weapons will have Ironsights, because that's part of airmod, not the weapons. I don't know, though, which model packs make use of the extra animations in Airmod, or if the X10 update version will include the scripts for those animations.


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